The Nerd’s Corner Issue #2: Black Panther and Diversity In Comics Ft. Mr.Fagnant

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In this weeks issue of the nerds corner, I along with special guest, Sophomore Theology teacher Mr.Nick Fagnant discuss the new hit blockbuster Black Panther staring Chadwick Boseman and Micheal P. Jordan. We Discuss the movie, what it means for the MCU (Marvel cinematic Universe) and superhero movies in general. We also discuss the level of diversity see in comics from throughout the year. Be sure to check our sources such as, Black Panther Current Run, The Champions, Storm Of Spoilers podcast, Blerd Vision Podcast, NPR Politics Podcast, Buzzed, CNN, News Rockstars Youtube Channel, Vox News, Time Magazine, The Root, The Atlantic, “Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, and “We Were Eight Years In Power”. Also a special thanks to Rashaad Barnett for special insight into this topic. Be sure to tune in for next weeks episode as well as comment to see any topics you’d like covered or to be a guest on the show. Until Next Time.