Running into freshman year


By: Cami Evangelista ’21

Freshman day of Fun, an annual event, was August 30 after school. Being one of the first and only events dedicated to the freshmen class, a huge amount of planning goes into making it a wonderful night for the youngest kids at Regis Jesuit.

Photo by Cami Evangelista ’21

The freshmen start off their afternoon in their advisements and afterwards go outside to play games on the field. Several stations have been set up for them to go to and participate in with their classmates. The activities are different from last year: they are more planned out and organized. Prior to getting their faces painted, the freshmen are taken to their respective cafeterias and eat dinner. Once they have eaten dinner, they go outside and get painted on the grass. Girls then go to the quad and the boys stay on the field to learn cheers for the football game. Afterwards, the boys and girls regroup and walk up to the football stadium for the running in tradition.

Cornerstone leader, junior Laila Riedell, says, “Freshman day of fun is going to be a blast and I hope the freshmen have fun making new friends and participating in everything we have planned for them.”

Another junior Cornerstone leader, Sara Higley, hopes that the freshman, “…can see what Regis is really about.”

The freshman class running into the stands for the first football game.
Photo by Cami Evangelista ’21