Gear Up for Freshmen Retreat!

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By Nick Faber ’18

If a senior were to sum up Regis Jesuit in a single word, most would say “brother/sister hood.” But why?

It all starts freshman year with the 11th annual Freshmen Retreat. 2 and a half days filled with fun, excitement, and secrets unveiled.

Retreats are no joke. They’re taken seriously by the teachers and students alike. It is a time to open up, share your experiences with new people, make new friends, and most importantly, learn what it is to be men and women with and for others.

Remember: All freshmen must leave the building from 1:45 and should be back at Regis Jesuit by 6 pm. You will end the day at 9:30.

Please be back on Friday, Dec 8, at 8:30. Bring a sleeping bag, a pillow, and your toiletries (and snacks as well!) as you will not be going home for the night.

Freshmen retreat will sadly end at 10:30 on Saturday, Dec 9.