Robert Benke ’19 and Matthew Bornhorst ’19- Playing with a Script

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By: Libby Bornhorst ’21

For most students, keeping a balanced schedule can be extremely difficult. With only 24 hours in a day, it can feel like there is simply not enough time to do it all. For Junior, Robert Benke this is just a part of life. Not only is he a student athlete but also an actor in our play, Arsenic and Old Lace. Robert has been doing the spring plays ever since he was a Freshmen and has run cross country since Sophomore year.

“Getting to know the drastically different people is probably my favorite part about both” says Robert. Doing so much can be a challenge but, even Benke admits that it’s still pretty easy. Since the play is in the Spring and cross country is in the fall, there is not much overlap but what about someone who plays a Spring sport?

Matthew Bornhorst is also a junior involved with the play and sports. During the Fall, you can find him at Football practice while in the Spring he’s on the lacrosse field but this year he decided to change it up a little.

He says, “This is my first Regis play and even though its a different schedule, I’ve been able to mange.” So far this has been Matthew’s only first and despite the overlap with lacrosse, so far he’s really enjoyed it. Now the questions is,  if the play doesn’t effect your sports, why do so few kids in sports try out?

Both Matthew and Robert agree that the main reason is the stigma around both. Matthew says, “There’s not many kids who do both because most either choose the play or the sports. I think it’s because of the whole stigma around how play kids and athletes should act.” While the two activities do draw in different people, there’s no reason to not audition if you’re an athlete or tryout if you’re a thespian.

As Benke says, “Do sports. Do the play. Follow your heart.”