Podcast: The Nerds Corner With Brooks Hauge Issue #1

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Hello there, in this episode I will go over topics such as The New Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer and everything I noticed or you will need to know for Marvel’s summer blockbuster, Wally West A.K.A. Kid Flash and John Constantine Master of the Dark Arts stepping foot on the Wave Rider to Join The Legends Of Tomorrow on their time-traveling adventures, The The Good and The Bad with news surround DC fans and Marvel’s newest movie Black Panther with fans trying to destroy the Rotten Tomatoes Score and The #BlackPantherChallenge, The newest of CW’s roster of heroes comes Black Lightning that is striking like lightning and coming out swing hard, and finally we have The much anticipated return of the comedic Anti-Hero, the march with the mouth, the red suited 4th wall breaking hooligan, DEADPOOOOOL with the first trailer (Not counting his impressive Bob Ross Impresson) where he pokes fun at everything from Justice League to toy story that has managed to get everyone talking.

Feel free to give me feed back or leave any topic you would like my to cover with a comment or even tell me in person. I’ve been Brooks Hauge and welcome to the “Nerds Corner” hope to see you all back again next week.

Also each the podcast live on the RJ Media YouTube Channel to see me in person here