Girls Dress Code Tips to Help You Get Through the Semester

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By Bella Ames ’20

One aspect of going to Regis Jesuit High School that every student must endure and follow is the Dress Code. But, the dress code has not always been the same as it is today.

Previously, skirts were allowed to be one inch above the knee, but the administration has changed the length requirement of skirts to touch the top of the knee cap. Despite this change, shorts and skorts are still allowed to fall one inch above the knee. An additional change is that boots are now allowed on mass days, excluding fur lined and cowboy boots. Extending the list of additions, students may now wear tights of a solid color or slight pattern under their skirts.

Changes are in effect and dress code demerits and Jug will be given for violations. It only takes three dress code violations to be Jugs and after seven demerits suspension occurs.

Sophomore Carly Markowski does not mind the dress code much, unlike some other of her classmates. She described it as “Easy. I don’t have to think about what to wear in the morning because its is already decided for me.” However, like many other girls she also wishes that the dress code permitted leggings.

Junior Gabi Ekard though, thinks that the dress code restricts individuality- even though it is better than having a uniform. “I think that I could express myself better if we had a loose dress code,” Gabi begins, shifting uncomfortably under her coarse polo. “I could still wear dress pants, but the boys get to wear things like flannels and I would give anything to wear one of mine to school.” 

The dress code is a very important aspect at Regis, because it allows individuality while also regulating what the girls are wearing and making sure it is appropriate for letting others get an education. The benefit of having a dress code is that people will not judge you for wearing the same thing every day, because that is what everyone else is doing. Sure, the dress code can be challenging to endure, but once you find the right things to wear that you won’t get in trouble for, you will love it!