Emma Martin: March for Life

Emma Martin: March for Life

By Eva Herron ‘21

It’s freezing cold outside, and 200,000 people are gathered in Washington DC for the March for Life. Emma Martin, Junior at Regis Jesuit, is among these women and men. A month later, Emma reflects upon the experiences that she had while on the March for Life in January 2019.

The March for Life is a annual rally that protests the legalization and the practice of abortion. It’s held in Washington DC around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the court case the legalized abortion. People from all around the country attend this event to voice their support of life, and with the goal of changing legislation to reflect the respect for life that these men and women value. 

Emma grew up in Denver, Colorado. She grew up with strong faith since her childhood, which influenced her current values and passion for standing up for life. Emma recounts the “strong family upbringing with a strong faith from the beginning,” that she her parents taught her.

Due to the time that she spent at St. Thomas Moore for middle school and her frequent youth group meetings, Martin takes her faith seriously and has goals to live it out and influence others to do the same.   

Growing up, Emma was involved in golf and skiing. She has won a few golf tournaments and is currently on the Regis Jesuit High school girl’s golf team. Emma has also won many ski competitions while she was on a competitive ski team. Even in individual sports, Emma has learned the importance and difficulties that come with working as a team. At the March, everyone collectively worked together to spread the message of respect an care for all human life. Even in 200,000 people, every voice matters to stand up for those who have no voice. 

In her free time, other than golf and skiing, Emma enjoys playing tennis and hanging out with her friends and family. Her family and friend relationships are the foundation of her faith and inspire her to pursue what she feels God has called her to. “I wasn’t really sure about going to the March but I had friends going and my parent wanted me to go too.” 

Being a junior at the March was an interesting experience for Martin, being one of only two Juniors whom attended from Regis Jesuit High School. “It was mostly seniors, which was cool because I got to know some new people.” 

The day after the March, the Regis delegation attended a conference about the March for Life and their goals and missions. 

“We learned what we can do to take this experience home with us,” she says.

With so much activity, it would have been easy to just go home from the March with no change, but the conference helped the Regis girls find ways to make active change in their communities. 

Martin explains how tired and draining the March was, but how the experience was amazing overall and how she learned some unexpected lessons. 

“I saw how the news and media creates their own content and feed.” Martin saw how many people supported this cause when before she thought she was only one of few with this view. 

“I realized that its not just a Catholic thing, a lot of people support this cause.” 

Emma is also a head coach of the Colorado special olympics chapter, which influences her views on a universal respect for life, while she can enjoy her hobby of skiing.  Her experiences with the kids she coaches have helped her throughout her life and give her a universal respect for all life.