A League of Their of Own

Sophia Marcinek ‘20

This year CHSAA recognized Esports as an official pilot activity, and Regis Jesuit—along with 46 other high school teams in Colorado—are jumping at the opportunity to start their own teams.

This semester Mr. Davenport, Matthew Collins ‘21 and, Peter Lengwin ’20 have made it their mission to create a team that dominates Colorado.

Our school, along with most high schools, are focusing their efforts on one game in particular: League of Legends, more commonly referred to as League. League is a multiplayer online game, where players must use team-based strategy to defeat other teams and ultimately destroy the opposing team’s base.

League was created in 2009 and has grown rapidly since. It has more than 80 million players worldwide with the game bringing in more than five billion dollars in the last five[NA1]  years for its developer Riot Games.

When talking about the game itself Collins says, “League is a game of skill and teamwork, it takes leaders and skilled players, to defeat the other team the whole team must work together to infiltrate their base.”

Before creating the Regis Jesuit Esports team, junior Matthew Collins played on the Cherry Creek Esports team for a year. Collins talks about his experience playing for the Cherry Creek esports team last year.

“After playing for Creek I learned what it takes to make a winning team. I learned how to play the game {league} so that we can win, and keep winning,” Collins said.

Collins had the opportunity to help bring a state title to Cherry Creek as their top lane but what he really wants is to bring a state title home to Regis Jesuit.

“Winning state was awesome, I was so nervous and I didn’t play my best but when we won, that feeling, yah that was awesome. Now I just want to do it for Regis,” he said.

The team is looking very strong after having just started their season and their chemistry on the screen is obvious, and a great season is predicted from the Regis Jesuit Esports team.