Dear Freshman

To the Class of 2024: We have a little over a month until school starts! We may not be sure what that looks like yet, but I definitely hope you all get to walk through the doors of Tradition Hall and experience the love and community that Regis Jesuit has to offer in person. Being a freshman this year is going to be different. You may be feeling nervous, excited, or maybe a little of both as you start your high school journey during this unorthodox school year. From my experience, much of the new senior class is feeling those very same emotions. It can be difficult to reckon with all of the usual Back to School thoughts–like what you are going to wear or what classes you will be taking–with all of the turmoil in our world right now. In order to help guide you through the rest of the summer and the beginning of freshman year, the upperclassmen have decided to share a series of advice letters with you. We will share some of the things we wish we had known when we were freshmen and some of our favorite parts of Regis Jesuit. We hope that you find them useful.


Grant Barnes '23

Dear Freshman,


Transitioning into high school must be a nerve-wracking thought for you because it sure was for me! But this year is a very different year. One that you can expect lots of changes and new information. But do not worry, there will be people around you giving you the best information to get through it! This is why I have five things for you to keep in mind as we get ready to start this new school year.


  • Form Positive Relationships Early 

Looking back one year ago when I was a freshman, I realized that one of the best things I did was form positive relationships early on with my teachers and coaches. Forming these positive relationships helped me feel more comfortable asking a teacher for help, more time, or even for a favor. There were times during the school year when unexpected events came up and there was no way I could turn in my work on time. So, I reached out to my teachers and told them about my situation, and they worked with me. Forming these relationships involves you (the student) being responsible, honest, and respectful. This ends up with your teacher trusting you, and you can trust your teacher. The same goes for sports, and even outside of school. Trusting each other is something that takes time, but is worth it when you need help.


  • Fitting in Takes Time 

By the end of the first semester of high school, I felt like I belonged at Regis. Transitioning from a public middle school to Regis Jesuit High School was a scary thought. I knew only a handful of people and had classes with none of them. But over time you start forming relationships with new people who you have classes with, people you eat lunch with, or people near your locker! It takes time to feel like you belong and there might even be times where you truly believe you don’t belong. But you are not alone. You do belong. That said, there are some things you can do to speed up this feeling of fitting in…


  • Get Yourself Out There! 

Whether you like being in big groups or small groups, it is so important for you to find a group. This will make you feel like you fit in! Luckily, there are numerous amounts of groups, clubs, meetings, sports, and activities to be apart of at Regis. Not only will joining a club or sport introduce you to more of the new high school experience, but also new people. Be adventurous and try things you never thought you would do. I’ve joined several clubs and sports during my freshman year and it was the best decision that I made. This is your freshman year, so now is the best time to try something new!


  • Work Hard From the Start 

I’ve heard everyone say something along the lines of  “Work hard from the start!” when I walked into Regis. Honestly, in the first semester, I could have worked harder. I wish I would have taken the bonus points and extra credit opportunities that I had. This was because when the semester started, I had an A+ in all my classes. Over time that slowly went down as the percentages averaged out. The second semester I learned from my mistake. I did everything that I could to keep the average on the higher side, and it paid off. You will end up doing less work, causing less stress preparing for your finals, if you work harder at the very beginning. So, push yourself, persevere, and try your very best on your first high school assignment.


  • Stay Positive 

You are not alone. There will be times during this school year where you might feel alone. Rest assured you are not. This school year may be unlike any other for yourself, upperclassmen, and even the teachers. The entire school year is still unknown and may be stressful. Things might change rapidly. These times are stressful and frustrating. But stay positive. We are going to get through this school year together. Freshmen aren’t the only ones with a mystery ahead of them. Keep your head up, and keep moving forward. You will have people beside you (hopefully distanced) to get through this difficult school year. So, get ready to work hard on this crazy mystery of a school year, it will be one we will never forget!


Good luck stepping/logging into high school for the first time! This is a brand new chapter, so expect the best from yourself and others. I hope we can meet with each other in person or online soon!

From Your Friend,

Grant Barnes ‘23