STUDENTS REACT to the New Star Wars Trailer


VIDEO CRED:LucasFilm Studios

“I’m really excited for it. I was always love when a new Star Wars movie comes out.” -Nick Felicia

“I think it’s a bit underwhelming to say the least. We’ve seen it all before. I expect something better and bigger from Disney.” -Nolan Whitmore


“I think it’s dope. I don’t like Star Wars but I’m definitely going to see the movie after seeing the trailer.” -Nick Faber

“As a Star Wars fan, there’s a lot of familiar things that I’ve seen in the past that are being brought into the new franchise. As far as characters and locations, there’s a lot of speculation about future movies. I’m really interested in what direction they’re going to take.” -Xavier Ribota

“I’m not into Star Wars and this teaser didn’t change that.” -Alberto Hernandez

“It definitely made me way to see the movie.” -Patrick Koenigs


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