Catholic Martyrs Prayer Service Remembers Love in Action

This week’s prayer service commemorated Catholic martyrs in El Salvador and across Latin America who died for their faith. On November 16, 1989, soldiers stormed into the University of Central America in San Salvador and murdered members of the Jesuit community. On the 28th anniversary of this atrocity, students and faculty members at Regis Jesuit prayed as the martyrs were remembered and roses were placed on the floor by students.

It was a time of remembering love in action. Fr. Tom Rochford ’64 encouraged students to live out the mission by encountering and understanding others.

“The killing of the martyrs in San Salvador may seem like a long time ago, but in our world today we are challenged everyday to live in Christ,” he said. Fr. Tom said that staying true to our faith and standing up to injustice is central to who we are. Whether it’s racism, sexism, harassment or violence, he said, we need to be for and with others now more than ever.


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