No Squid Game Halloween Costumes

New York school districts put a halt to imitating violent Netflix series

Some parents are challenging a New York School District’s Squid Game costume ban, which claimed the show’s violence and gore were inappropriate for a school setting. They fear the costumes could glorify violence.

The people running the operation prey on individuals heavily in debt, who are looking to win a large sum of cash. Game operators wear pink trench coats with black masks with a triangle, square, or circle on it and kill the contestants for failing a game. Superintendent Dr. Craig Tice says the costumes imply violence.

“Schools in New York’s Fayetteville-Manlius school district have guidelines banning Halloween outfits with items ‘that can be interpreted as weapons’, and those that are ‘too gory or scary’, Tice told CBS News.”

Elementary school kids began playing Red Light, Green Light and Tug-of-War. When kids lost, the winners reenacted the shows killings in a pretend manner. Principals have sent emails saying violent behavior is not appropriate

“Games associated with violent behavior are not acceptable”.

SquidGame is a very mature pice of television, Netflix doesn’t recommend anyone under 17 watch the show.

“It’s a costume. Just don’t let your kids watch the show.” said one parent on Twitter.

Not only New York school districts are banning the costumes. CBS says schools around the world are joining in the ban. A primary school in the United Kingdom has warned parents about the violence associated with the show.

“A school in Ireland and a school in Spain have also banned Squid Game costumes.” CBS goes on to say. “Earlier this month, Central Integrated Primary School in the United Kingdom warned parents to ‘please be aware of what your children are accessing.’”