Regis Jesuit's Orchestra Wows in Winter Concert

By Timothy Reed Horstmann ’21

On December 12th, Regis Jesuit’s orchestra ensemble gathered to perform for parents, students, faculty, and more. Two groups total, the brass and the strings, individually performed and both rocked the house. Both of them, without question, delivered their pieces with elegance and grace.

In the spirit of the season, both played music relating to Christmas and winter. All in all this gave a great effect and a brought a unique feeling of togetherness for this coming end of the year season. Specifically, songs like Sleigh Ride and The Polar Express Theme. The best thing about these musicians is they never make mistakes. Or if they do, you didn’t notice, and that is because of all the practice and work they put into it.

Overall, this was an amazing showcase of the talent Regis Jesuit has to offer. It’s amazing to know that these students have such a capability and passion for this music, and play it beautifully. Moreover, these students may have the ability to rise up to be able to play in a professional symphony orchestra. This is what Regis Jesuit has to offer.

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