Regis Jesuit's Singers Shine in Winter Concert

By Xavier Ribota ’18 

All five of our school’s singing troupes came together for an unforgettable winter concert in the Z Theater. The Boys Chorus, Regis Chorale, A Cappella Club, Vox Lucis, and the Canta Belles all sang Christmas carols with their own twist.

The wall of angelic sound was the perfect distraction from the stress of looming finals. It was incredible to sit in the audience and emotional to be up on the stands singing.

Emilio Peralta, a senior member of Vox Lucis, said “even though it is my last time singing at a Regis concert, I am still incredibly nervous since I know it is the last time I’ll sing with them.” That nervousness, however, melted away as he sang “Silver Bells” with his fellow classmates to the crowd of awe-struck family, faculty, and friends.

There is a noticeable comradery among the singers. Senior Sarah Elizabeth Smith says of the Canta Belles that “we are so glad that we got to spend the year with such a great group of girls. We not only share a love of singing, we share a true sisterhood and friendship.”

Sophomore Kenobi Kinch of Vox Lucis said, “I’m proud to be among such incredible singers.  It’s been so exciting seeing so many people tonight support us.”

If missed out on the Winter Choral Concert, don’t worry. There will be a Spring choir concert for the Easter Vigil.




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