Justice League Bring Speaker on Immigration

By Nick Faber ’18

Three speakers, including and immigration lawyer came in on Monday at lunch to speak to a packed classroom about the current issues dealing with immigration and citizenship in America.

“I think I can speak for everybody when saying it was really engaging. I learned a lot about the process of immigration and the unfortunate side to it,” says Nick Faber ‘18.

An extremely important topic currently in debate, Rick Bailey and the two other speakers strived to bring this debate closer to home.

“If you’re not going to engage in the issue on a personal level, you don’t have a place to judge,” says Mr. Broderick-King. He is the supervisor for Justice League, the club that hosted the three guest-speakers.

Mr. BK is actually friend with Bailey. They both work hard in Ignatian Spirituality. “I thought it was interesting to connect our passion for Ignatian spirituality and justice,” he said. 

Bailey along with one of the other speakers have connections to Regis jesuit. Caitlyn Trent ‘07 was the other speaker. “[She is] putting her values into practice,” says Mr. BK. 

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