School Announces Search for New BD Principal

By: Hunter Sullivan ’20

Regis Jesuit High School is actively searching for a new principal in what will be one of the first steps in the restructuring of the administration. The restructure comes from “Regis Jesuit 2020: A Sharper Vision,” the culmination of ten months of studying the organizational structure of the school.

The Organization Steering Committee was approved by the Board of Trustees in November 2017. Hiring a new principal is one of the first steps in the restructure of the leadership between the Boys Division and the Girls Division. This new principal will be in charge of both divisions along with a divisional head for each division.

President David Card ’87 will be working alongside Ms. Laura Jones, the Search Committee Chair, to find our new principal.

According the Employment Opportunities page on the Regis Jesuit website, the principal must “be an effective and proven leader that fosters teamwork and success.” In addition, the new principal must also “be a practicing Roman Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church with a current understanding of issues in the Catholic Church and the role of Catholic institutions within the Church.”

The school is also looking for a well qualified individual who has worked to receive a master’s degree or the equivalent of a master’s degree, preferably in school administration. The deadline for applicants is February 16th, so our community will be set with a new leader at the beginning of the summer.

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