Journalism 1 Takes Over RJTV

By: Caroline Linton ’21

The 35 GD students who signed up for Journalism 1 weren’t sure what they were walking into.  They definitely did not expect to be the new faces of RJTV.  Last semester, there was a class dedicated to undertaking RJTV.  This semester the responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the Journalism 1 classes.  These students have never seen the work that goes into making the three to five minute videos we watch every Friday.

“It is fun to get to know how making RJTV works. Most times we only see the end product,” freshman Libby Bornhorst says.  

It isn’t just the amount of work that goes into creating  RJTV that makes it difficult. It is also stressful to decide what segments of RJTV to keep and what to make their own.  

“I really enjoy the freedom we have in this class, although it is a lot of pressure,” freshman Laila Riedell says.  Overall, these students are enthusiastic about continuing this tradition, hard work and all.


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