Robotics Takes on First Inspire Competition

By: Sara Higley & Katelyn Marshall ’21

In the dictionary, robotics means “the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots,” but to the RJ Robotics Club it means so much more.

“The friendships I have made may be one of my favorite parts about Robotics,” says junior Bella Reddish, captain of the RJ Robotics Club.

Not only is Robotics about designing a robot, but also the friendships you form with many of the members. These friendships also help when you have to build a robot for the FIRST Inspire Competition in Colorado. In the First Inspire Competition, 3,650 teams will compete for the best robot.

Sofia Reyes and other members of the RJ Robotics Club test this year’s competition robot during a club meeting after school.

“This year it (the robot) needs to pick up milk cartons and stack them on a platform. It also needs to climb a seven foot bar,” Bella says.

Building a robot for the Inspire competition takes long hours, hard work, and determination. To make sure their robot is the very best it can be, the RJ Robotics Club spends 25 hours a week together to build it.

As one community, the RJ Robotics Club will come together to thrive at the Inspire Competition.

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