Course Registration Around the Corner

By Kendall Williams ’21

Students are in the midst of course registration with the help of the counseling department. Throughout the week, the counselors are introducing this process at the beginning of students’ classes. Each counselor will meet with students to review options for classes next year. Keep in mind, there are many things to think about when registering for classes. Students are required to have a total of 28 credits to graduate. Specifically, students must have four credits of English, math and theology, three credits for social studies and science, and eight credits of electives. For a higher academic standard, Regis Jesuit offers many honors and AP classes. Not sure which classes are available to register for? View the boys and girls division course catalogues here.

Throughout this process, upperclassmen should meet with their college counselors about the academic requirements of the colleges of their choice. Although only two years of classical and modern language is required to graduate, it is strongly recommended by colleges that students take at least three consecutive years of one language. Also, high school graduates must complete four years of math before gaining admittance to any Colorado four-year college.

“Although challenge is good, keep your workload in moderation. Don’t overwork yourself and make time for a social life,” says Sophia Marcinek ’20.

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