Students React to Varsity Hockey's Undefeated Season And Fifth State Championship Win

By: Victoria Batuello ’21 and Abby Lico ’21 Photo By: Katie Butefish ’20

Coming off being state runner ups last year, on March 6th, 2018, Regis Jesuit Varsity Hockey won their fifth state championship, finishing off an undefeated season.


“You know, it really lifts the spirit of the school community and makes for a better environment for learning.” – Alec Willis ’21

“It’s pretty sweet, eh? Regis destroyed Valor in 48 hours.” – Defender #10, Riley Kraus ’19

“I got as many shifts as Valor got goals: 0.” – Defender #9, Sergio Padilla ’21

“It was so exciting to be there reporting on it and I was so proud of the boys because they deserved it.” – Katie Butefish ’20

“We won and my immediate reaction was to scream.” – Cole Hobbs ’19






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