By: Fiona Deck ’20 and Delaney Howell ’20

On April 1, a video of Mason Ramsey, also known as the Walmart Yodeling Boy, was posted. This video included him yodeling in an aisle in Walmart, making him an overnight internet sensation. On April 10, Mason visited The Ellen Show and was able to show off his talents to the crowd. Ellen and her team gave him the opportunity to perform at the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday, April 14. The Ellen Show and Walmart provided him with a check for $15K and his own show at Walmart soon. This video has reached more than 7 million people on his Instagram, many of them being student here at Regis Jesuit. Here is what some students have to say about his appearance on Ellen.


“I admire his confidence to sing like that and be himself” -Jalie Albrecht-Reed ’20

“If he was performing at Coachella this year he would be the only reason I would go.” -Madison Hoff ’20

“The video was interesting in a way where we can see the life of a kid who became popular from one appearance in Walmart” -Dom Khong ’20

“I think his yodeling skills are amazing, 10/10 would recommend” -Hayley Cook ’20

‘The Yodeling Walmart Boy looks adorable on Ellen” -Emma Fantz ’20



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