TRUE Love or Not?

Chloe Martinet and Meggie Rasure and Lauren Martin ’20

Recently, there has been a social media frenzy about the infamous Khloe Kardashian and NBA star who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Tristan Thompson’s new baby girl, True. Amidst the excitement over the new addition to the family, pictures of Khloe’s beau were released of him cheating on her with a woman named Lani Blair. After the release of the pictures, more than one girl came out with confessions of being with Tristan, while he was with Khloe. One of those girls, Stephanie, claims that she is also pregnant with the basketball player’s child.

Kardashian fans all over the world are supportive of Khloe in whatever she decides to do about the situation, but most of them stand strong on their opinions about Tristan and how they believe Khloe should end things with him.

Rumors that he cheated on her were started after his team made it to the play offs, but the question still stands…
Will Khloe’s True love keep them together, or not?

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