This week in history: October 15-19

On October 15, 1789, George Washington goes to New England on the 1st presidential tour. This tour concludes on November 13, 1789. He traveled from New York, to Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. He visited around 6 towns and stopped along the way top visit different farms and factories.

On October 16th, 1829, The first Modern American Hotel is opened in Boston, Massachusetts. The Tremont Hotel had 170 rooms that costed $2 a day, including 4 meals in the cost. The hotel was a place that many distinguished people went to, including large influencers and presidents.

On October 17th, 1933, Dr. Albert Einstein flees from Germany. He starts working at Princeton University to continue his studies. R.J. Freshman Kate Dunne says, “I think it is inspiring that Albert Einstein made it from Germany to America and became known as one of the smartest men in our history.”

On October 18, 1931, The great American inventor, Thomas Edison dies from diabetes at the age of 84 in his home. Edison continued to work into his 80s and had a large influence on American Inventions.

On October 19, 1781, The colonial army is victorious in the Battle of Yorktown. The British army surrenders to Washington’s army of 16,000 men and the French army, which was an ally to the American colony.

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