Medical Advancements In the Past Year

By Ali Bajaj ‘22


In the year 2017 we had many medical advancements. The world has developed and started testing tricorders, Synthetic blood, Ultrasound therapy for Alzheimer’s.

The world has been working to create a device called tricorders that are portable tools to diagnose health conditions and take vital signs like blood pressure. The tricorder was originally seen on Star Trek to relay medical information and they finally brought it to life.

Another big Advancement we had in 2017 is Synthetic blood. Throughout the years we have just about figured out how to replace every part of the body except blood, until now. England’s National Health Service conducted their safety trials back in 2017, for the trials they gathered 20 people and they were given small amounts of the synthetic blood made from stem cells. The long term goal is to make enough transfusions to substitute for rarer blood types.  

“This incredible innovation is based on many years of medical science and has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lies. There is a world wide shortage of life saving donated blood products,” said Jenny Bajaj, MD, MPH 

One in three current seniors die from Alzheimer’s or other kinds of dementia. Although we are so far from a cure there is something that might help. Tests began in 2017 on mice, using the ultrasound therapy on amyloid plaques. Researchers are very optimistic about the future.

Though these advancements are still being tested and improved they are huge advancements for our world and help the medical industry a lot.


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