Which College is Right for You?

Isabella Song ’19

As the end of senior year is quickly approaching, the big question of where everyone will end up next year is looming over the senior class. The stress of getting that perfect score on the ACT/SAT does not only have students stressed, but parents. Though it is the future of the student, parents find themselves crunching numbers and traveling from college to college trying to find the perfect school for their kids. The college board website even has a checklist for parents to go through while their children are seniors.

Many seniors find themselves lost in the plethora of colleges around the United States as well as international universities. With the advancements in technology, colleges have started offering virtual college tours. This has not only made it easier for high school students to view more colleges, but it has saved parents money on traveling expenses. 

Furthermore, in 1975 the Common Application, also known as Common App, was created. This non-profit organization allows students to submit one application to multiple colleges rather than doing separate applications to each college, which is all done under one server. Common App also offers many scholarships, which allows seniors to apply to college at a lesser cost.

Through and through, the college process is very stressful, but the excitement surrounding the process drives students to be the best they can be in their four years at Regis.

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