Student’s Guide to Extracurriculars

By Katelyn Marshall ’21

Freshman Catharine Redden ‘22
Photo by Armando Maldonado ‘21

With a total of 88 various clubs and 28 competitive sports students are encouraged to get involved in an extracurricular.

Extracurriculars are a way that students can show off their skills or get involved in something they are interested in. By getting involved in an extracurricular a student can find their new passion.

A prominent problem Regis Jesuit faces is many students don’t know how to join extracurriculars. To allow students to explore the clubs we have to offer by hosting an annual club fair.

But what happens if you miss the club fair and how do you join a sport?

A strong tip for getting involved is to explore your options and find what you are interested in. If you see something appealing don’t hesitate to reach out to the club or sport moderator.

Many students would encourage you to get involved in extracurriculars, in fact sophomore Sofia Perez-Ochoa says that she is involved involved in four different clubs. With all of her clubs Sofia has put a lot on her plate, “I love each and everyone of my clubs and I am so unbelievably thankful to be in all of them.I did however take on a lot of responsibility and commitment when i joined the. Being in four clubs takes up a lot of my time. Almost every day at lunch I am busy in a club meeting. I could lessen the amount of clubs I am in but I choose not to because I can’t imagine myself without one of them.” Though much of her time is consumed by her extracurriculars she has made an unforgettable bond with all of her teammates, coaches, classmates, and peers and she will always treasure her memories.

If you happen to not find any clubs that are in interest to you can explore what your options are for joining a sport.

Sports are separated into three different season and mostly freshmen don’t know how to get involved right away in a fall sport. Freshman Catharine Redden says “I am so appreciative that the season started before my first day day. It made me feel way more comfortable in the school. Even though I was now the role of a Regis student on the first day, I already felt like I belonged in a way.” Catharine and many others would encourage you to find something you love and get involved!

Students feel extracurriculars are a great way to get yourself out there and meet new people. Cheerleader Anabelle Stevens ‘21 says “It’s really fun and you get to cheer for the community and meet new people in different grades.” Meeting other students has also helped Anabelle in an unexpected way, “I get to talk about what I’m stressed about with the upperclassmen I’ve met through cheer and they can give me advice about how to do better in that class.”

Maren Vitella ‘21 who is involved in both swimming and student council feels extracurriculars have changed her time here at Regis is the best way possible. This year she decided to take on a big role of a representative for student council. She says her favorite part is “Probably planning big events I also like how we all come together and conquer the planning for big weeks such as mission week.” Maren exclaims, “I am unbelievably grateful for the opportunity to be involved in student council”

Get up, get involved, and join an extracurricular today!

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