Makayla Regalado ‘20

Every Saturday, the New Perspective Band meets up in RiNo Art District at a recording studio. The small building starkly contrasts the colorful street art that surrounds the jet black exterior. The sensation of being in the studio is breathtakingly transformative. The deafening sound of the bass overwhelms your senses and vibrates throughout your body the minute you step into the doors of the studio, which leaves you with a long-lasting impression.  

Makayla Regalado is a junior at Regis Jesuit, and because of her introverted personality, many do not know the biggest part about her: she is a part of her very own band. Since May 2016, Regalado has been participating in various music rehearsals and lessons at the School of Rock, where she has met her fellow bandmates, Sammie Keach, Lily Turner, and Jocelyn Rodriguez.

They all met at a Queen performance at School of Rock, but at the time, they simply recognized each other as good musicians. It was not until the last Queen rehearsal when they all went into one of the practice rooms to rehearse, and as they played together, they recognized that they connected with one another, and their music flowed well together. Ultimately, it all clicked. It was only June 14th of last summer when they decided to make a band together.

“I think at first our music clicked and we didn’t, but overtime through our similar struggles with anxiety and dedication to music, we grew closer together as not only a band but as family.”

Regalado’s passion for music initially began as an interest in playing guitar, and has since evolved into something much greater, “Music is my top priority, I want this as a career,” she says.

But the best part about Regalado’s music is it tremendously helps with her anxiety. She has been coping with anxiety since last year when it got progressively worse. Music has become an outlet for any stresses she has, and she greatly relies on the support of her bandmates and her passion for music to help get her through any obstacles she encounters.

“I’ve noticed that whenever I have panic attacks, it helps me to tap out a drum beat or mimicking various gestures as if I’m playing the piano or guitar,” Regalado admits.

In fact, she even came up with their band name, New Perspective, while struggling with her anxiety one night, “I was talking to Sammie because I was having a really bad panic attack, and she told me that I have to look with a new perspective. This immediately got my attention and I replied back to Sammie, “Band name!”

Prioritizing music over school may be detrimental to the students’ learning or overall growth. Instead, being dedicated to music, something that each band member and Regalado are incredibly passionate about, has not only helped this passion and talent within music to flourish, but it has created a necessary support-system for each girl.

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