Camp Magis Returns for a Third Year

By: Jaden Daher ‘19

Middle school is tough for anyone. And once the school year ends, most students want to stay out and not think about school for the rest of the summer. However, middle school students especially are often victims of the dreaded “summer slide.” This slide isn’t like a Slip ‘n Slide, but rather a slide which students forget everything they learned from the previous year as they go back to school in early August.

Dedicated teachers, like Mrs. Catherine Cole, hate to see students struggle like this. So, three years ago she met up with the principal of St. Therese Middle School and decided to create a summer program to help prevent this slide, while also keeping the summer feeling alive.

Camp Magis students from last year making corn pancakes at the Four Mile Historic Park.
Photo by Jaden Daher ‘19

Camp Magis is coming back for its third year with new and improved programming. The camp will now host both St. Therese Middle School Students and St. Rose of Lima students for two weeks instead of three weeks. The camp will take place at Regis Jesuit early June, and it truly is more. Camp Magis consists of four strands: math, english, digital media, and fine art. This year’s theme is all about bridges. Math will focus on how to actually build a bridge, and English will help students find who has been a bridge for them in their own lives and see how they have been a bridge for others. Digital media will guide students in their own creativity to visualize their stories, while fine art will give them the opportunity to be hands on and make their story come to life with clay.

Camp Magis is in place to build confidence in these students, help ease the middle school drama, and of course, prevent the summer slide.

But don’t worry, it’s not just about going to school over the summer. Camp Magis has fun too! There is lots and lots of soccer playing, team building, PE classes, art and improv, and a media class. The students in past years have gone on field trips to Rockies games, the 9News station, and Four Mile Historic Park. This year, the students will have the chance to go to the Denver Art Museum!

If you are a junior, and you think this camp sounds like a blast, there is still time to apply to be a camp counselor! Applications are due April 10th (tonight at midnight!!) and interviews will take place next week. This is a great way to make some money over the summer, create bonds with the middle school students, and be the leader that Regis Jesuit has taught you to be.

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