RJ Libraries’ A Fortnight of Poetry celebrates National Poetry Month

By Cara Williams ‘21

April is National Poetry Month, and Regis Jesuit Libraries is celebrating with an event called A Fortnight of Poetry.

A Fortnight of Poetry is going on April 8th through 21st of this year, and the creation of this event was inspired by the poetry blog and prompts that were done during April of last year.

“It’s just a little taste of creativity to give a break from the academic rigor of the spring semester,” explains Ms. Jamie Scatenato, Girls Division Librarian Department Chair.

To participate in A Fortnight of Poetry, Regis Jesuit Libraries challenges you to write a poem inspired by these prompts every day for 14 days:

Monday April 8th: Your happy place.
Tuesday April 9th: Heartbreak.
Wednesday April 10th:  Don’t give up!
Thursday April 11th:  Write a poem of gratitude.
Friday April 12th: A family outing when you were young.
Saturday April 13th:  What does your favorite color taste like?
Sunday April 14th:  What makes you get up in the morning?
Monday April 15th:  3 Elements: a dessert, a memory, and someone in your family.
Tuesday April 16th:  The day your faith was shaken.
Wednesday April 17th:  Describe your best friend.
Thursday April 18th:  Travel does the heart good.
Friday April 19th:  Taking a leap of faith.
Saturday April 20th:  Conversation with a stranger.
Sunday April 21st:  Sleepless nights.

Poem can be submitted on #A Fortnight hof Poetry Blog (http://poetry.rjhslibrary.info/), where daily prompts are posted. Notable poems will be displayed in both libraries weekly!

Also commemorating National Poetry Month are readings by Mr. Garret Loehr from his new poetry book, You and the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars. These readings will take place at lunch in both libraries, and for more details on the dates, you can visit A Fortnight of Poetry blog.

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