Way of life: By Rylee Butler 22′


Rylee Butler

This March I got the opportunity to travel to Maasai land in Tanzania. Traveling to this African country gave me the eye-opening opportunity to experience other cultures.


The Maasai tribe is known In America as the African tribe they have seen on Net Geo with the stretch out ears, the big beaded jewelry, and red clothing. But this in fact is s a very suffers leave the understanding of their culture.


The Messiah people have a great education system but a very low rate of children being educated this is because to a Messiah father it is more important than the children are tending to the cattle the getting educated. For this reason, many Messiah children are not educated.


Their entire culture is based on their currency. They are very driven by being rich and having a high social standing much like Americans are. Their currency is not a dollar or a coin but rather measured in cattle. This means that their wallets are not in their pockets they are in a heard.


Coming of age as a messiah. In theory, much like a sweet 16. Messiah have a tradition of coming of age. This tradition involves a rigorous test showing that they are fit to take care of the cattle in the wild African jungle after which all of the children get circumcised together and then have the right to be able to go have sex with anyone’s wife with whom you came of age with.

It was such an eye-opening experience to see a culture that is so different from my own and if you ever get the chance even in your hometown immerse yourself in different people’s cultures do it. It helped me to see and appreciate my own culture and traditions.