2023 Wish Week Trivia Contest

Leaderboard update
Porter’s Mafia maintains their narrow lead.
Students get ready to answer a question.
Porter’s Mafia takes a sizable lead
Porter’s Mafia wins the 2023 Wish Week Trivia Challenge
Porter’s Mafia begins to slowly pull away.




On Friday, April 21st, 2023, at 12:40 PM, loud footsteps ran through the hallways to the girl’s library. 6 teams raced to see who would have the brains to win the highly anticipated Wish Week Trivia Contest. As the teams stressfully prepared to win the contest, Mr. Raymond, the proctor, read the first question. This was for Wish Week and to help David. The purpose of this was to raise money and have an enjoyable time. It was in the girl’s library during lunch, and it was hosted by Servant Leadership. As my partner and I got a birds-eye view of the whole competition. After the trivia competition ended, we spoke with Caitlan Barber, a senior on Servant Leadership, who organized this whole entire thing “I’m really proud of the crowd that was able to make it so that we could raise awareness for David,” says Caitlan Barber who helped to organize this event. At the trivia contest, Porter’s Mafia, a team of freshmen, jumped out to a quick start. As teams tried to catch up, Porter’s Mafia increased their lead and eventually pulled away. Then, the donations took place. The Banana Slugs, another team that took part in the contest, donated the most money. After the trivia ended, we got the results where Porter’s Mafia edged out The Banana Slugs to win the 2023 Wish Week Trivia Contest. “This trivia contest was to raise money but also to gather people around the community,” says Barber after the contest. Another Wish Week has passed and hopefully, another wish can come true for not only David but for other kids. Barber says that “I hope we can make David’s wish come true.”  

Wish Week is all about big dreams, 

 which were united through 6 teams, 

Through donations, gave David strong beliefs.