The Spring Choral Concert: A new take on tradition


It was a lively spring evening when the annual Choral Concert took place in the Z Theater. Friends and family buzzed with anticipation for the upcoming performances while taking their seats and silencing cell phones. The Girls Division Chorus, Regis Jesuit Chorale, Canta Belles, and Vox Lucis choirs took the stage one after another to share pieces that they’ve been working on for the semester.


The Spring Choral Concert is known for being a high-spirited tradition that sends-off hardworking seniors as they perform for the last few times with Regis Jesuit. Although much of this has stayed the same over the years, some things about the Spring Choral Concert have changed, “It’s become a lot more fun,” senior president of the Canta Belles, Claire Mann, said. “It’s more relaxed and I really like that because I feel like it gives us the chance to let go and have a great time up there.”

The audience really engaged with the fun elements that the Choirs incorporated during the performances. During the Canta Belles and Vox Lucis set, they suddenly erupted into a chorus of stomping feet, clapping hands, and exited laughter, as did the crowd. The parents as well as the students in attendance can agree that it was a delight to listen to singles that topped the charts in the past years. The Vox Lucis choir sang, ‘When I Was Your Man’ by Bruno Mars, and ‘Glimpse of Us’ by Joji. Other recognizable numbers were ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper and ‘How Far I’ll Go’ by Lin Manuel Miranda, sung by the Regis Jesuit Chorale and the Girls Division Chorus.

This year, members of the choir recognize the new role handed to students, “I think the biggest thing with the Spring Concert is that it’s been a lot more student directed,” senior president of the Vox Lucis, Liam Watters, said.