Canta Belles Perform at Global Leadership Summit
RJ Media

The Global Leadership Summit was an event to remember. The day began at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Denver. Guests we greeted with the beautiful venue and decorations. Many different brands and sponsors sent representatives out to attend the event. Tommy Spaulding, who is an author and company owner, hosted the event that shared the thoughts of many different thinkers and speakers.

He started the event with a speech about leadership and the impact of being a leader. After his speech, a duet performed a song about unity and being connected with each other. It was very motivational and there is no denying their talent. The Regis Jesuit Canta Belles then opened their performance with a solo performed by Caroline Spaulding, a junior at Regis Jesuit. She sang beautifully and represented Regis Jesuit well.

After her solo, the Canta Belles performed the song “For Good” from the Broadway musical Wicked. The performance was angelic and harmonious. The work and time that they put into it was evident.

“For Good is a song about friendship and togetherness and this whole event, The Global Leadership Summit, is about being a servant leader,” Spaulding said.

Spaulding then talked about the Canta Belles lengthy preparations. They spent many months perfecting the song. The choir performed this song for their spring concert and when they were in New York. The Canta Belles have a strong and unique bond. “It is a sisterhood through music,” she said.

Opportunities like this help bring the world together through leadership. It is inspiring to witness firsthand how Regis Jesuit can make an impact on the lives of many through various events like this performance. The Canta Belles will continue to achieve great things by offering once-in-a lifetime experiences to aspiring vocalists.