Underclassmen Stepping Up for Regis Varsity Baseball

During the great baseball game we took photos of the Regis Jesuit Raiders who were 12-6 lead by star shortstop Andrew Bell 24′ and Christian Lopez 25′ before heading into this game and the Thunder Ridge Grizzlies who were 2-11 and having a rebuild season.


On Friday the 5th of May, we watched the Regis Jesuit Raiders varsity baseball team play the Thunder Ridge Grizzlies. Friday the 5th of May, 2023, the Regis Jesuit Raiders organized themselves into many categories. Andrew Bell 24’ leads the Raiders in Batting average with 0.478, Home Runs with 6, Hits with 32, Runs Batted In 32, and many more. Christian Lopez, 25′, is the leader of the team in On Base Percentage, Stolen Bases, and Runs. We saw an impressive battle of intensity and grit during this game. We saw many players during this game fight their hardest to win the game for the Raiders. Christian Lopez 25’ really helped the Raiders with his stellar defense and Christina getting on base every time. The pitching staff really did not support the Raiders that much during this game. However, the offense greatly helped out their Raiders and take the pressure off the pitching staff. The Raiders displayed a lot of offensive firepower on both sides. Many key players contributed to the Raiders in this game. The seniors genuinely gave the Raiders the power and leadership during the game. Even when the Raiders struggled during the game the seniors provided the underclassmen confidence in their abilities and it paid off with the Raiders winning the game. The coaching staff also gave the Raiders the push they needed as they gave knowledge and power to the players that lead them in the right direction defensively. The knowledge really helped the Raiders as they played exemplary defensive baseball in front of their pitchers.