Varsity Baseball- Senior Night


By: Abigail Hubka 26′ and Madi Savage 25′



Celebrating senior night as well as Varsity Baseball’s final game, Regis wins a grueling game 5-6. The evening started with a walk on for the seniors and their family members. With heartwarming photos to remember their last game. The game started with Regis in Outfield, but not for very long. The Raiders struck out 3 of Chatfields players in less than 8 minutes! “Strike your out” was the sound the Raiders kept hearing over and over again. The game was close, with Regis and Chatfield switching off with the win.

The game was intense with Regis Fans on the tips of their feet as the scoreboard kept changing, winning to losing, but then back to winning. But no matter what the scoreboard said, the team continued to cheer their fellow Raiders on with pride and joy to experience the Baseball brother hood.

Anyone could see the teamwork, and effort this team has put into the season through losses, and wins, new members young and old, and to win this final game. To no one’s surprise, by the top of the fourth they were tied! Fans were excited, but curious with who would take the win. But like the rest of RJ’s Varsity Baseball season, the Raiders showed their skill, and love for the sport as they won the game!

Parents of seniors, proud of their sons work ethics, watching one of their sons last game. And emotional game for all especially the seniors. Raiders were so proud of their team and the crowd was wild when the final time hit, and the scoreboard was 5-6, the varsity boys, who worked intensely together were rewarded with the win.