RJ Baseball Takes Down the Legend Titans 7-2


On a windy, cold Wednesday afternoon, the Raiders took the field against the Legend Titans. The stands were full of fans with a great sense of anticipation for the game. The sent of freshly cut grass and popcorn filled the air. Freshman Hudson Alpert started on the mound for the Raiders. He started off hot striking out the side in the first. Sophomore Christian Lopez lead off for Regis, but failed to get on. Just then, Andrew Bell, in a 1-1 count, takes a fastball 375 feet to left center for a home run. The score is now 1-0 Raiders. The Titans score 2 in the second with Regis failing to score. No one scores for a few inning until Senior Brien Kenny on an 0-0 count singles to right field scoring 1. The score now 2-2. Alpert keeps up the great pitching, holding Legend to 0 runs through the next 3 innings. The Raiders rack on two more when Junior Brody Chyr doubles on a fly ball to right and Trevor Nordstrom reaches on a dropped third strike with one run scoring. Legend didn’t score for the rest of the game while Regis kept rallying. Andrew Bell Homers again on a fly ball to center field. Score now 7-2 Raiders. The Titans would fight hard butt to no avail. That would end up being the final score after a hard fought game by the Raiders.The Freshman’s stuff was electric only allowing 2 runs on 8 hits and 11 strikeouts. The player of the game was Andrew been who was 2-3 at the plate with 2homeruns to lead the raiders to a win.As the crowd leaves, the sense of joy leaves and excitement leaves with them. It was certainly a magical experience for everyone in attendance. The crowd was electric and helped the raiders to big win on a cool, oranged-skied evening in Colorado.