Regis Jesuit Intermural Basketball League 23′

Harrison Klamser

The Regis Jesuit intermural basketball league playoffs took place in the first week of May. Many students packed the girl’s division gym in order to witness the atmosphere of the late rounds. Teams of faculty and teachers as well as teams of students of all ages were competing in the tournament. The league gave the chance for students to support their friends in a different way than in class and in standard social events.

This league also gave the chance for faculty to meet others and grow relationships outside of work and teaching. A team of teachers took on “Duke” in the semifinals and lost by a narrow four points.

It was very surprising to many that teachers that you wouldn’t expect to play basketball, are carrying their teams to the late rounds of the tournament.

In the final, a two-sided battle took place with narrow leads and a high scoring game. With a full rotation of skilled basketball players of all ages, the game always had an edge. The game had the crowd of freshmen through seniors on the edge of their seat.

With a tied game in the last thirty seconds, both teams were pushing for the win with both teams scoring to take it into a second overtime. With no points being scored in the second overtime, tension was building and students as well as teachers were crowding the gym even more. The two teams seemed to be dead even though no baskets were made, and another round of overtime seemed to be emerging, a last-ditch effort was made by team TaRea found the point that made them champions of the League.

All of the built-up suspense and energy was released in that moment. Students flooded the court as if it was the NBA championship and the end of this year’s league could not have been better.