Freshman Baseball Victory over Chap

This year’s Freshman baseball team hasn’t exceeded expectations set by past teams. But they knew that eventually they were going to turn it around, using that adversity to go on a winning streak. We were at the first game they won, and it was a high scoring game full of excitement. They started off strong racking up 5 hits, and scoring 3 runs in the first inning. With the big lead, Eric Fiedler was able to hold Chaparral to only a few runs through the game. The Raiders continued to score, racking up 18 in the game, although with some late game action, Chaparral brought it back to a 3-run game.

The Freshman prevailed and won 18-15. On offense the team was stellar with Eli Shappee going 3-3 with 2 triples and Marc Brousseau went 3-4 with a throw out to third to win the game. But the pitching wasn’t as great which caused them to get in a tight game towards the final stretch and lose the mercy rule in the fifth. We sat down with Marc Brousseau and Cruz Hoegren on how the game felt in their eyes. Their catcher Marc Brousseau had a great game behind the plate and in the box. He told us, “We won after my throwout to 3rd” which was his first of the season. We talked to Cruz Hoegren and he said that it was a big game for them because it made them have hope and showed them, they could compete with other teams. The lesson this team learned from this year was that you might not start out the way you wanted to, but it can get better, and you should always stay positive through the lows. This team has been through it all, but they showed the resilience you need to succeed.