Baseball Vs. Legend (May 5)



The Cinco De Mayo game versus Legend ended with packed stands, buckets of burritos, and a score of 7-2 with the Raiders taking home a win! The crowd was excited to be there and support the team through their 7 runs. The wind and weather seemed ominous all day long, but by the time the game rolled around, (the teams second one of the day), the team was blessed with clear skies and perfect playing conditions. The energy in the dugout was high as always, and the boys were excited to play. The energy that they have is something the players always speak highly of as one of their favorite parts of being on the team, something that is easy to see for any of the fans watching. Being 4th in the 5A continental league, this was an important game for them to win to continue holding their spot. Andrew Bell ‘24 got 2 home runs in towards the end of the game, with other runs into home from JP Baptiste (1), Nate Lewis (1), Andrew Bell (3), and Christian Lopez (2), who also pitched this game. Wish the team luck as they finish out their season as the seniors play their final games as a part of the Regis Jesuit community alongside their teammates. The underclassmen will miss you and your leadership next season!

The raider’s batting average was .296 while Legends was .231. Regis spent more time on base, and stole one base, while Legend took none. While Legend was a great competitor, the raiders stats for the game were overall higher, and they ended up taking the lead of the game early on. After speaking with the boys, a secret to their success is their team bond and the energy and support from the dugout. Well done raiders, we are so proud of you, hopefully you got some tacos after your hard work! See you all in the stands for the rest of the season and the next years to come Regis Community!