Seniors Last Day 2023

The seniors have finally done it. After four great years filled with fun memories and moments to never forget, the class of ’23 has finally graduated. They have worked hard studying for tests, completing homework assignments late at night, and being exceptional athletes. They will move on to the next chapter of their lives with many lessons learned and many feats conquered.

From freshmen homecoming to senior prom, the seniors have experienced it all. Their first year was drastically changed due to Covid, but that shows how they will persevere in later life. They have fought hard to come out on top, exceeding all expectations and beating any odds placed against them. They have made their teachers, parents, and fellow classmates proud and will continue to with the lessons they learned. They have learned material that will not only help them with college but also with the rest of their lives with any endeavors they face.

They have done a minimum of 145 hours of service helping those who need it including the homeless, the elderly, and the environment. They have become established members of this community by all they have done. They will hopefully keep helping their communities in the future, by providing aid to those who are willing to accept it.

The seniors have become role models for the next generation of students who will try to follow in their footsteps and achieve what they already have. They have become more mature and will continue to inspire. They have won numerous awards and academic scholarships for their intelligence and persistence.

Finally, they have become incredible athletes winning state titles in many sports since their freshmen year. They will continue to prosper as scholars and athletes through college and beyond. Some will make it pro, and some will look back at the memories made playing sports and reminisce. They have been everything from friends to mentors for the underclassmen and we will miss them as we bid them farewell and good luck in the next stage of their lives.