Class of ’23 Last Day

From kindergarten pigtails to graduation caps, the Class of 2023 has grown. On May 10, at 2:50 pm, the familiar sound of the Regis Jesuit bell rang through the halls as it had every day before. However, on this particular day, the bell ringing was a sign that it was time for the Regis Jesuit community to wish farewell to the Class of 2023.

Throughout the week, the school celebrated the accomplishments and memories of the seniors through a spirit week, and underclassmen mourned the graduation of incredible mentors.

“I love them and miss them already,” said Ms. Carmen Quintanilla.

This class’ impact on the Regis Jesuit community will be forever remembered and appreciated.

“My favorite thing about the class of 2023…is the whole class I have watched go from freshman to senior,” reminisced Ms. Carrie Kelly.

On Monday, Raiders dressed as their future selves, representing their anticipated futures. Tuesday was dress as your younger self, where the air was filled with memories and foregoing happiness.

Over the past four years, this class has grown to become a family.

“I am going to miss the community the most,” said Ava Fitzmartin.

To commence their high school careers and welcome the new experiences of college, the seniors decorated polos and crewnecks sporting their college logos.

Through battles of COVID, high school drama, challenging school work, and everyday life, the Class of 2023 emerged courageous and full of wisdom to pass on to their peers.

“I am going to miss the memories and friends the most,” explained Kate Brackney.

The Class of 2023 knows Regis Jesuit has prepared them for whatever the future may hold. The teachers, faculty, and friends the seniors have encountered during their time at the school have shown them that they will always have a loving and supportive community to return to.