Motherhood In The Sisterhood: Our Office Administrators

When you walk into the Regis Jesuit girls division main office you are treated with the friendly faces of the Office Administrators. Mrs. Bordewyk, Mrs. Cattelino, and Mrs. Prohira. All of these wonderful ladies help the school run. From being in charge of clubs such as ambassadors as well as Espirit de Corps.

“I’m grateful , I love my job and I love Regis Jesuit” Mrs. Prohira says when talking about her job at Regis. All three of these ladies are able to be apart of a wonderful sisterhood and embody what it is like to be what we would call a mother of the sisterhood.

With the hard work these ladies put into their job, they are role models for the students. Many girls go in and out of the main office and all of the office administrators make sure that the girls leave smiling.