Senior Joe Vaeth Starts Petition For Senior Slip-N-Slide

Senior Joe Vaeth Starts Petition For Senior Slip-N-Slide

By Leo McCabe ’19

Today, senior Joe Vaeth started a petition on to allow for the seniors to have their annual slip-n-slide on the last day of the year, on the hill next to Laber Field.

“Regis Jesuit was built upon tradition, for many tradition is one of the key aspects of Regis Jesuit,” says Vaeth. “By taking away this tradition we are starting to lose the foundation that RJ was built upon.”

For years, the annual slip-n-slide has been a last day tradition for seniors, and something that younger classes look forward to participating in their senior year. 

The news came as a surprise to Vaeth. “When I found out we weren’t having a slip’ n’ slide I was upset at administration for taking one of the few things that seniors have as a tradition,” he says. “We don’t have pranks all we have is a slip’ n’ slide and now they were going to take this away from us.”

Not wanting this tradition to die out, he has turned to those in the community to help his cause. “I knew there was something I would have to do to get this tradition back and I knew I couldn’t do it alone,” says Vaeth of the petition. 

The petition is currently at over 100 signatures. “If I could get around 500 signatures that would be amazing,” says Vaeth.