Flik Raises Food Prices


By Nick Faestel ’20

Prices on small snacks now exceed full meal prices from previous years.

Each school year, there are new changes made. Perhaps the most surprising for students this year is seeing one large cookie on sale for two dollars in the Steel Center Café. Food prices are on the rise. The change in cookie prices in the cafeteria is up about fifty cents, and more in the PAC Cafe. The mini waffles, previously $1.25 in the vending machines and that same price at local stores, are now up to three dollars. The classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich is over twice the price per half than last year. 

Flik’s website states core values in student life and quality ingredients. There is also emphasis on the communication with the community. Students are communicating and expressing concerns about the price changes. These prices are so important as many students rely on what the school supplies to eat lunch everyday. A student from the senior class who would like to remain anonymous said Flik was too expensive for him. “I want them to consider other options because when I’m hungry I don’t want to pay that.”