Local Legend Leaves Regis Jesuit Causing Anarchy in Lunch Lines

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Last year, Charles Saulino left Regis Jesuit High School after serving for several decades. This was a shock to the Regis Jesuit community, and more importantly the fragile ecosystem that is known as the Cafeteria.

My Saulino prevented ruthless students from cutting in line, thus saving the sanity of all helpless Freshman. However, with departing of Mr. Saulino the lunch lines have been anarchy. Cuts occur almost every second of academic support and lunch.

Despite this, the worst is every Wednesday, what once every student’s favorite day, Chik-Fil-A day has now turned into one of the most dreaded days of the week. Students everywhere from malicious Freshman to juvenile Juniors have partaken in cutting in line.

Depriving of food and their basic human rights, they cut almost every single and while many people cannot sympathize with the Freshman, there are times when all have experienced cutting. Here RJ Media we would like to spread word of Line Neutrality and ask you, “Do you want to get cut in line?’ if the answer to is “No”, the next time you see someone report them to the nearest teacher.