RJ Students Serve their Peers and their City on the Centennial Youth Council


Lauryn Glenn ’22 and Jackson Daichendt ’20 are members fo the Centennial Youth Council

Jackson Overton '21

By Jackson Overton ’21

Lauryn Glenn ’22 and Jackson Daichendt ’20 serve on the City of Centennial Youth Council. They meet twice a month and participate in citywide events, community service projects, policy making processes, and community programs.

“I’m passionate about having a strong voice representing the youth in my community,” Daichendt says of the work.

The students consult with the mayor and sit in on the city’s “teen court,” an alternative to the mainstream judicial court, and help with hearings for minors charged with minor offenses like curfew violation or tobacco violation.

“We hold a court hearing with the teenager and his\ her parents and find out more about the incident and decide a correction process,” Daichendt says. “Some examples of these can be an art project, a essay on a topic we decide, a behavior class, opportunity to come serve as one of the panel members listening and participating on another court case, and anything else that the panel sees fit.”

Glenn says the experience gives her experience in understanding government and community issues.

“I’m proud of just having a voice and serving Centennial because the mayor listens to us, and acknowledges our suggestions,” Glenn says. “Teen voices are important because adults often don’t have the same perspective, so it’s nice to make the decisions ourselves.