Questions Arise with Changes to School Events

How school events come about and the importance of student advocacy


By Natalie Skaggs ‘20

Three months ago the student body was raddled with the realization of a rumor: the Back-to-School-Dance did not take place. After the time for this beloved event came and passed, many have forgotten that minor loss. We, rather, remember the excitement of homecoming and the countless other events that followed. However, as the first semester rolls to an end, many of the questions that arose long ago still stand unanswered.

  • Will the Back-to-School-Dance truly be “rescheduled” as administration ensured?
  • Will it instead be replaced with something new?
  • Are other events, other traditions, at risk of never taking place

And, as all new activities are being brought to fruition, new questions must be asked as well.

  • What new is on the horizon? Who determines the existence of our activities?
  • But most importantly, how can we as students protect our traditions and advocate for activities?

The search for these answers began with Mrs. Laura Hall who, as the newly appointed Senior Class Moderator, stands as a link between the students and the events that take place at Regis. In an interview with RJ media Hall disclosed that she “isn’t aware of any plans” to resurrect the Back-to-School-Dance. She did, however, offer valuable insight into the importance of student involvement in this and all other events. It makes no difference wether an event is a tradition or all new, “it is [her] preference that the students come and work on and do part of the planning for those events.”

In fact, everything from dances to the senior lock in depend on student advocacy in order to take place. Mrs. Laura Hall never independently plans events, instead she is an invaluable resource for any students who want to create activities for the student body. One recent instance of a “project that [she] supported that came from the students” has been the senior ski trip.

The senior ski trip, was not planned by completely pedestrian members of the student body. This activity, taking place for its first year, was organized by a group of students from a group called Servant Leadership. According to senior member, Franna Hutchens, Servant Leadership is a class that “all the members of student council are in and some others too who aren’t elected in student council.”

Their role is to “do all the behind the scenes work… come up with ideas… and [they] help out with events” ranging from food drives, to pep rallies, to free hot chocolate days. Each student enrolled in the class is also asked to invest their efforts into organizing “one bigger project.”

In Franna’s case, her focus project involved organizing a senior ski trip. Franna and a small group of peers from her class researched everything from pricing to transportation, making this event possible for students to enjoy carefree. As for dances, Servant Leadership is exploring the potential for an all new dance which would be “an informal dance kinda like the back to school dance which would be like the equivalent of a snowball dance from the past years.”

According to Mrs. Feik, there are endless factors that contribute to the cancelation and creation of events at Regis, and many of these logistical components remain outside of our control. However, the most important factor of all is student commitment.

“I think what happens is that people get used to ‘oh we have done this for so long its a tradition’ and the back to school dance is a good example of that,” Feik says, “We’re on your team and we’re trying to provide as many fun experiences for you, but if the drive from behind the student body isn’t there, or the interest, then we want to put our efforts in where the interest is.”

Ultimately, when we remember the back to school dance, or gear up for the senior ski trip, we should remember the impact we each have upon the events we participate in. Each member of the student body has the power to decide the fate of our traditions and responsibility to determine the future of our memories. Through Mrs. Hall, Servant Leadership, Mrs. Feik, and many others we can give power to our voices on campus.

P.S. According to Student Leadership and Mrs. Feik, keep your eyes open for a Valentine’s Day Dance dance this February.