TOP 5: Ways the Denver Nuggets can Improve


Peter Houtsma '22

By Peter Houtsma ’22

The Denver Nuggets are a great team with a lot of potential. These are 5 things that they could work on though.

1. Jokić’s aggressiveness in the paint

Nikola Jokić is a great player, both for offense and defense. He knows how to pass, make layups, and he even knows how to shoot free throws and three-pointers, even though he is a big man. One things he could work on is his aggressiveness in the paint. He needs to be able to put some people “on a poster.” He could also work on his paint defense as well.

2. Jamal Murray’s desire to be hero

I think that we can all agree Jamal Murray is a great player and an amazing addition to the team. However, there are things that he can work on, and one of those things is his last second shots. He tries so hard to be the hero and the driving force of the win, but it can get excessive. As long as he stays in his own lane and shoots high percentage shots, Murray will continue to be driving force for the team.

3. Gary Harris 3 point shooting

Gary Harris is also a good player, but recently his three point shooting has been atrocious. This is a little thing, but if we convert all those three point attempts to safe layups or high percentage floaters, the Nuggets could be making a lot more points per game.

4. Plumlee playing time

Mason Plumlee is a big man in the post, and an amazing defensive force, however it could be said that he isn’t getting the playing time he deserves and that the Nuggets need. When Plumlee and Jokić are in together, there is no stopping!

5. Better communication

While the Nuggets have great team players, I think we could still improve our talk on the court. Sometimes it’s easy to tell that half our players don’t know where to be and where to move to. This is the smallest thing that they need to improve, but a little communication can go a long way and could be a huge point to their success.