A Borrowed Gift: A poem by Grace Varga ’20

A Borrowed Gift

By Grace Varga ’20

I own nothing in this world

Everything I have is borrowed

I am living on borrowed time

Wearing borrowed clothes

Sitting on a borrowed chair

I own nothing in this world

Even the people I love are borrowed

I do not own them. They do not own me. They are borrowed.

They are gifts

There is beautiful in being borrowed

You are chosen

Both owned and unclaimed; Seen, never taken; Admired, never stolen

You are free when borrowed

For you only truly own one thing in this world


No one will ever own You

Some may try to convince you they do

But they don’t For they are only borrowers

Take in your borrowed goods with care

They are gifts. Fleeting pockets of joy

Give them love

But don’t get tangled in the gift wrap

For they are borrowed. Borrowed gifts

And You are owned

Owned and free