A Borrowed Gift: A poem by Grace Varga ’20

January 22, 2020

A Borrowed Gift By Grace Varga '20 I own nothing in this world Everything I have is borrowed I am living on borrowed time Wearing borrowed clothes Sitting on a borrowed chair I own nothing in this world Even...

What Makes You Special?

What Makes You Special?

December 10, 2015

Cover Up: Your Empathy Is Showing

December 15, 2014

by Maddie Merritt '16 "Cover up, your empathy is showing," my brother says to me. Shut up Tom, You don't know my story. A plethora of other colorful words flit through my brain, But one lands and, Decides to stick...


December 12, 2014

by Riley O'Connell '15 (From a male perspective) I fell in love once, with crystalline curls, blue blue eyes, and a plastic cup of crimson wine. I called her fair and bright, and she said I wasn't being either one b...

Blue-Eyed Boy

December 8, 2014

by Riley O'Connell '15 to the blue-eyed boy with a silent smile and razor wit, they're just flashes. moments. tiny fragments and insignificant details. the whisper-drag of your fingertips across my palm, the constan...

To my brother

December 8, 2014

by Riley O'Connell '15 In the beginning, it was humming, bubblegum laughter and guitar strumming, the whisper-drag of sock-swathed feet, the squeaky two-step of your soccer cleats. It was the jagged stitches in my head from...

It’s Your Conscience Speaking

December 2, 2014

by Maddie Merritt '16 A knock. Who's there? Conscience. What does it want? Who knows. It's calling out your name, But it speaks in foreign tongues; A song unsung. Like the bitter taste of butter Conscience...

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